Paese eyeshadows Kashmir #681, #609 and Opal #238

Almost all of you already know about Polish cosmetics brand Inglot.But almost anyone doesn’t know about another Polish brand Paese. So, today I’ll show you a review on 3 different eyeshadows from this brand.





Intro: Paese is a professional brand from Poland and has pretty wide collection of cosmetics which includes eyeshadows, blush, powders, eyeliners, lipsticks and etc. Eyeshadows are divided into a few collections which have different finishes. My eyeshadows from Opal #238 (satin finish) collection and Kashmir #681 and #609 (matte collection). Also they have mono eyeshadows and small palettes as well.

Packaging: all three packages are similar – black round boxes with transparet top so that u could see colors easily. I like this package, it’s simple but attractive.

Texture: all of the shadows have awesome pigmentation, I would put 5+/5 for it. It’s enough only to touch to eyeshadow and u already have a color on your brush. The quality is really impressive! Satin eyeshadows are more creamy and soft, I’ve never tried such textures before, I’ve nothing to compare with but I guess that they are very similar to color pop (but not sure). It’s such a pleasure to use there products on your face, I love them! Wearing time is until you remove your make up.

Now about colors. I will write about each palette separately and show swatches.

Opal # 238 (satin):



#1: It’s an awesome milky color. I think that every girl should have similar color because it’s very useful in make up: you can use it to highlight inner corners of eyes, you can put it on the whole eyelid and add mascara and you will achieve a simple daily look, you even can use it as a delicate highlighter because it’s has fine grain and glitter is not visible. My must-have color, for sure.

#2: very soft gold, not vulgar gold which will shine from a few meters. It will make your look relaxed and beautiful. I usually use it for the eyelid and as a lighlighter.

#3: dark brown, color of dark chocolate. Pefect for the crease or for soft smokey look. I also love using such colors as an eyeliner.

Kashmir #681(matte):



#4: a basic color for every day make up. I use it for inner corners, under brows and sometimes on the whole eyelid to hide some vessels.


#5: also a basic color but a little darker than previous one. Perfect for blending or for the whole eyelid with winged liner.


#6: I’ve never used such colors before so it was really interesting for me to get this color. It’s a milky pink, which can be used for every day makeup.


The final mono eyeshadow is Kashmir #609:


#7: this is also my must-have color. It’s a light brown, milky chocolate or hazelnut. A perfect color for crease, for blending and for light smokey look. I also use such colors for contouring because such colors as Nyx Taupe make my skin grey, instead of creating a shadow.


Eyeshadows are pigmented both on the skin, and on the eyeshadow base. Swatches are made without eyeshadow primer.


Now, a few makeups:

The most simple makeup with #7 in the crease,  #5 on the whole eyelid, #1 in the inner corner


#7 in the crease, #6 whole eyelid, #2 inner corner, #3 winged liner



And here #7 as a contouring, #3 winged liner:



#1 as a highlighter on the arch of Cupid(top of lips):


Conclusion: these eyeshadows are perfect. I’m sure that I couldn’t show you all the attractiveness of these eyeshadows. I recommend you to try out Paese products. Also, they don’t cost much, eash eyeshadow cost about 4-5 $.

My point: 5+/5


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  1. The shades look lovely.. and your application is quite good too..

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